Interactions & Assessments

Well-considered interactive assessments are the cornerstone of any Cell-Media program, providing an efficient and reliable way of communicating and training your workforce


A key element of all inductions and training is the ability to assess a user’s understanding of the information delivered. Cell-Media can customise the assessment process so that users are not only able to show their level of learning, but clients can document the competency of their workforce.

Cell-Media engages the user with various assessment styles and activities, including the use of sound, video and interactive tasks. The use of online assessments allows users to complete learning outside of the classroom, in their own time and at any location. Interactive assessments also provide an efficient and reliable way of marking, with no room for human error.


Fully customisable assessment styles and activities explain complex information using sounds, videos and interactive tasks.


Assessments are communicated in an engaging way. All key items are covered effectively and with reliable consistency.