Cell-Media is a world-leading digital learning company that specialises in partnering with businesses in the Asian region and beyond. We unlock the potential in people, teams and enterprises alike, through custom-designed elearning programs using the latest cloud-based technology. 

Our end-to-end platform allows you to efficiently gather, manage and report on all training and safety data while easily updating content regularly to meet your evolving needs. This enables us to help you deliver customised and interactive content at scale for all of your employees, contractors and visitors.

As a digital partner, we’re proven, innovative and cutting-edge. Together, we help you take your digital learning to the next level, as well as your business performance. Reduce your costs yet boost your performance in health, safety, environment and quality compliance. Help your team build the future skills they need today with us.

Our vision is to leverage digital learning to unlock the potential of individuals, workforces and companies around the world faster and more effectively than anyone else.

We aim to unlock business value through innovative, immersive multimedia programs, providing everyone access to upgrading their skills and enhancing their capability and knowledge. We’re specialised and niche to ensure relevancy and effectiveness. And we are the to “go-to” for digital learning.

We continue to realise our company vision around the world as we partner with more businesses and continue to make learning accessible to everyone in any enterprise or organisation.

Our purpose is to drive higher performance in learning. Over more than two decades, Cell-Media has delivered 1400+ projects servicing clients in Singapore, Australia and the ASEAN region, across a broad range of industries.

Drawing on the combined knowledge and technical expertise of our content and design experts, and the personalised and quality nature of our programs, we have enhanced the safety and performance of over 200,000 employees worldwide.

We’re committed to providing engaging, innovative and cost-effective digital learning programs using cutting-edge multimedia techniques, combined with emerging digital and web-based technologies. We remain driven to deliver a better learning experience – one that is impactful, effective and long-lasting.

Years in Business

Cell-Media is your eLearning Partner making learning accessible to everyone through the latest technologies