A successful Learning Package conveys your intended message in a way that captures your viewer’s interest. We work with you to select the learning tools that will best suit your Learning Package, resulting in a dynamic digital learning program


Online training is now standard for most organisations, both large and small

Audio & Scripting

We can effectively communicate an intended message to your entire workforce

HD Video & Photography

High-definition footage provides an excellent overview of any subject or location

Motion Graphics

Improve the speed and level of understanding using well thought out visuals and graphics

3D Animation

Complex procedures and tasks can often be better explained using 3D animation

2D Animation

Create a fun and engaging user experience with creative characters and illustrations

Interactions & Assessments

Well-considered interactive assessments are the cornerstone of any Cell-Media program

Training Record Management

Reduce paperwork with our proven audit-friendly Training Record Management System

"The package was successful for several reasons, firstly we had a guaranteed consistency of training to all persons and secondly the cost savings to us in not having to provide a training officer for the duration of the course."
Brendon Vagg, CSBP Limited