3D Animation

If you can describe it, we can design it. Make the impossible come to life with interactive and innovative storytelling


Complex procedures and tasks can often be better explained using 3-D animation, with the technique capable of showing a virtual depiction of just about any process. If it doesn’t already exist or it’s in a difficult location to film (such as underwater or underground), then 3-D animation is the perfect solution.

Should the workings of a complex machine, an intricate process or a dangerous scenario need to be shown, our 3-D animators can easily create a visual presentation that caters to your needs. The resulting animation communicates a clear understanding of complex information to your intended audience.


Customisable multimedia graphics used in 3D Animation can convey complicated messages in a simple and easy to digest way.


3D Animation communicates areas including policy, procedure, safety requirements and operating standards.

"The package was successful for several reasons, firstly we had a guaranteed consistency of training to all persons and secondly the cost savings to us in not having to provide a training officer for the duration of the course."
Brendon Vagg, CSBP Limited