Ports & Airports

Because of trade history and geographic location, Singapore as well as many other countries in the region, rely greatly on maritime and aviation — industries whose success is dependent on a high standard of customer service.

Ports and airports are businesses in which efficiency, safety and security all play vital roles. Over the last 10 years, Cell-Media has produced subject-specific programs to help with staff logistical training, as well as customised site-specific induction material, for a variety of ports and airports in the region.

In the past, Cell-Media has produced programs for:

Recent Work

Pilbara Ports Authority

As one of the largest bulk export ports in the world, Pilbara Ports Authority engaged Cell-Media to develop six induction online modules for the Port Hedland Port Authority, transforming the way OH&S and security inductions are delivered and recorded.

Port Otago

Port Otago is the primary port on the South Island of New Zealand. Cell-Media developed an interactive induction handbook for staff training which included an interactive sign off form, allowing for easy tracking of staff safety and induction training.

Perth Airport

Perth Airport provides services in ground handling, in-flight catering and cargo transport across five continents. Cell-Media was contracted to develop the airside driver package for their Australia airport operations, which contained several interactive drag and drop assessments.