Blended Learning

for workplace safety, training and inductions

Who is

With over 17 years of experience, Cell-media produces programs that combine multiple user types with motion graphics, 2D & 3D animation, HD video production, photography, accompanied with interactive assessments and a training, staff or contractor management system.

Motion Graphics

Improve the speed and level of understanding using well thought out graphics.

The simplest of graphics can explain the most complicated of processes and represent the information your organisation wants to communicate.


Utilising Multimedia we can increase your employees learning capacity supplimentedwith the use of images, interactions and professional voice over.


'If you can describe it, we can design it!'

Complex procedures and tasks can often be better explained using 3-D animation, with the technique capable of showing a virtual depiction of just about any process.


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MobiliseMe ™

Do away with mountains of paperwork and invest in our proven, automated and audit-friendly MobiliseMe Learning and Employee Management System.