What we do

Cell-media, the site-specific induction expert, specialises in producing tailored industrial and corporate online training and learning programs that effectively communicate a client’s intended message to its audience.

Cell-media designs programs that are dynamic, visual, purposeful and inspire action. We offer programs that are of a high quality and are creative, reliable, accessible and affordable.


Whether it is iron ore, any precious minerals, bauxite, coal or nickel, Cell-media can produce area-specific online and facilitator-led multimedia for HSE, corporate or HR purposes.

Ports and Airports

Ports and airports are businesses in which efficiency, safety and security all play vital roles. Over the last 17 years, Cell-media has produced subject-specific programs to help with staff logistical training, as well as customised site-specific induction material, for a variety of ports and airports.

Oil & Gas

Using text, video, images and 3-D, Cell-media produces customised, detailed, yet easy to understand training modules that can efficiently and effectively communicate HSE learning to your employees.

Corporate and Institutions

Corporate and institutional policy and procedure define the parameters for how an organisation works.

Cell-media’s multimedia programs are perfectly suited for explaining complex policy and procedure in an eye-catching and easily accessible manner.